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Dr. Russ Morfitt

Mental Health

On Beyond the Old Ways

I often find myself thinking inside the box of my personal experience and the ways of thinking and behaving I was taught. I think there is often a lot of good in these acquired and inherited thought patterns. We can learn plenty from our peers and siblings and from those with more miles on their odometers.
Dr. Russ Morfitt
July 22, 2013
DepressionPanicStress & Anxiety

Unintended Consequences

Sometimes solutions can create new problems. I recently read that, after the Titanic sank in 1912 and cost the lives of over 1500 people, steps were taken to increase the safety of ships. The number of lifeboats required was increased dramatically. But sadly, as Edward Tenner suggests, the increase in lifeboats on the S.S.Eastland in 1915 made that ship more top-heavy contributing to it’s sinking a few weeks later in Chicago. Over 840 people perished as a result.
Dr. Russ Morfitt
April 28, 2013
going unnoticed girl looking out blinds

Going Unnoticed

When I was in seventh grade I thoroughly enjoyed Sherlock Holmes stories.  I remember how impressed I was with the brilliance of Sherlock Holmes in Silver Blaze. In that short story, a race horse disappears and some sheep are found injured.
Dr. Russ Morfitt
April 8, 2013
Mental Health

Celebrating Courage

If she were still alive today Rosa Parks would be celebrating her 100th birthday. She was, of course, the African-American woman who mustered the courage to say no to an Alabama bus driver who told her to move to the back of the bus and had her arrested. In doing so, she served as a spark for the civil rights movement.  
Dr. Russ Morfitt
March 4, 2013
PanicStress & Anxiety

You Aren’t Alone

In my experience as a psychologist who treats anxiety, panic attacks, and phobias, I have seen people isolated and excluded by the disorders. My focus is, of course, on helping them conquer the problems. But during the process of learning the CBT tools to overcome the problem, how do they put one foot in front of another?
Dr. Russ Morfitt
February 26, 2013