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cognitive behavioral therapy

Learn about what really causes your feelings and what you can do about them.
Breaking Down Emotions and Facing Negative Feelings Stress & Anxiety

Breaking Down Emotions and Facing Negative Feelings

How Learn to Live Delivers CBT: Part 2 Have you ever wondered why you are having a pleasant emotion like happiness or peace? Most have not. We just accept those emotions and move on. But everything changes when we are feeling discouraged, fearful, or angry. I'd like to share with you a CBT strategy that has been helpful to many people who face negative feelings. I call it the STEPP model. One of the key concepts of cognitive behavioral therapy (CBT) is the idea that our thoughts affect how we feel. Many people struggling with depression or anxiety say that…
Dr. Russ Morfitt
April 3, 2023
What is CBT? Mental Health

What is CBT?

We recently posted a question on our  Facebook and Twitter accounts and the responses to that quiz piqued my interest. According to the results, many of our readers have heard of CBT but not many have actually tried it. That made me think that it might be useful to explain how CBT can help an individual – not just with mental health problems, but also in a variety of areas of your life.
Dr. Russ Morfitt
August 18, 2015