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More Celebrities with Social Anxiety

One of the most important things to hear when we suffer from something painful like social anxiety is "me too." Just knowing that someone else can relate to our feelings and our experience is immensely reassuring. So it's sometimes helpful to point to others in the public eye who have experienced social anxiety as well.
Dr. Russ Morfitt
June 23, 2014
Seasonal Mental Health

Dealing with Social Anxiety: Holidays, Birthdays & Social Gatherings [video]

I received such a positive response to my  Five Tips for Dealing with Social Anxiety During the Holidays, that I decided to get on video to elaborate on some of my most effective quick tips for social anxiety sufferers. Watch the video below for tips on dealing with social anxiety during holidays, birthdays, and other social gatherings. For more social anxiety related videos, subscribe to the Learn to Live  YouTube channel.
Dr. Russ Morfitt
December 13, 2013