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Calm your mind when you feel stressed.
Stress & Anxiety

Learn to calm your mind when you feel stressed.

April is Stress Awareness Month We usually feel stressed when we’re afraid of something that might happen at work, home, or in general. These non-life-threatening triggers fool our body into believing we’re under attack. We might respond by pulling back and withdrawing or fighting back. When this happens, it’s helpful to remember that you are safe. You don’t need to solve the problem right now. Your only job is to help your body calm down. Here are a few ways to calm down when you begin to feel stressed: Go somewhere quiet. This allows you focus and hear what’s going…
Learn to Live Team
April 11, 2023

Sleep Better: Tips for Managing Insomnia

Did you know that Cognitive Behavioral Therapy for Insomnia (CBT-I) is recommended as a first line treatment for adults experiencing sleeplessness? Whether you are suffering from severe insomnia or a series of bad nights, CBT-I works by helping you address the underlying psychological and behavioral factors that contribute to sleep challenges. This makes CBT-I a more holistic approach that can have a longer-lasting impact than using medications. Finding experienced providers of CBT-I services can be difficult but Learn to Live’s online Insomnia program makes access easy from any device. There are tools and strategies to help you manage any stressors…
Learn to Live Team
March 24, 2023
Corporate and family events can cause mixed feelings including social anxiety

Managing Social Anxiety With the Shift From Virtual to In-Person

Corporate and family events are back in full swing, which comes with mixed feelings. The isolation of social distancing has continued to induce social anxiety for some while enhancing those emotions for others. If you can relate, take time before a social event to think through exactly what parts of the upcoming experience make you anxious, then strategize and think about what factors you can control. Strategies to Calm Your Thoughts Before Social Events Social anxiety can hinder our ability to connect with others, leaving us feeling alone and unfulfilled. Fortunately, there are ways to overcome it and attain a…
Learn to Live Team
February 7, 2023