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I’ve begun this blog for people who are tired of excess anxiety in all its forms and depression in all its forms. I’m also writing for the friends and family members of dear sufferers… those who have watched and felt helpless.  I’m writing this because I want you to find hope in places you had not thought to look.

So, in introduction, I am Dr. Russell Morfitt, just Dr. Russ here.  I’ve been practicing psychology since the 1990s in Minnesota.  My work has concentrated largely on anxiety, depression and related concerns.  I’m a firm believer in the notion that the findings of science, including the results of treatment outcomes research, should be harnessed wherever possible. In my office practice, that has meant starting with the solutions that have worked best in research and applying them to my work with patients. Those research-based solutions are often inconvenient (it’s a hassle to really work on changing a lifestyle—it would be more convenient to just talk) and require a lot of work on the part of those I work with. My task is to encourage those who courageously apply these solutions and see to it that those research-tested ideas are freshened up, translated into common-speak, and watered with inspiration.

My hope is that you will find some fresh ideas and insights and inspirations here that will enhance what you learn or have already learned about, still grounded in research.  And I’ll try to pass along some links and resources that I think you will find interesting. See you soon!