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Going back to school can be stressful for parents. You have a lot to do, like buying supplies, clothes, and signing kids up for activities. Getting the schedule organized for the family can be hard too. Saying bye to the kids at the start of the school year can bring up many feelings, from excited to sad.

It’s important for parents to take care of themselves to lower stress for everyone during back to school. Here are some tips to help parents right now:

  • Plan ahead: Start getting ready early to avoid last minute stress. Make checklists and prioritize tasks to stay organized.
  • Talk to your kids: Have an open talk with your children about how you both feel about the upcoming school year. Listen to any worries they have and reassure them you’re there to support them.
  • Make time for you: Make your well-being a priority and do things to manage stress. Taking care of yourself is important so you can effectively support your kids.
  • Get support: Connect with other parents to share experiences and get advice.
  • Make routines: Routines can give a sense of structure and lower stress for you and the kids.

It’s normal to feel stressed during back to school. By taking action and getting support when you need it, you’ll find it easier to get through this time with your family.